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When planning your trip to southern France, consider the city of Aix en Provence which can be a great place to stay.
From the city you can rent a car and travel in this entire region of southwestern France.



for details on a few of those amazing towns in this area (for day trips):


In the south-east of France lies Aix en Provence. You can land at the airport of Marseille or Nice, rent a car and drive to this wonderful area of France.

You can find a nice hotel in the city or an apartment to rent and another option is to rent a private house in one of the surrounding towns.


More about Aix en Provence 

In Aix en Provence there is a central area which is the old city of course. Wander through the small, crowded streets between local shops and luxury shops.
A nice street I loved especially and could be a starting point for you is Rue D.Jtalie.

On Fridays, Thursdays and Saturdays, you can find a large market on the main avenue, mainly of clothing. The market closes at around 1 pm, even during the summer. You should find a table at a nice restaurant or bistro before 2 pm. The afternoons are for napping and the staff of all good restaurants are on break.

The only restaurants you'll find open are probably tourist traps.

As you walk through the city streets you will find many shops that sell the special and typical sweets of the region - CALISSON.

Made mainly of almonds, sugar and melon, you won't be able not stop eating them.

Great ice cream on the main avenue  |  TRAVEL BLOG

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