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T-H-E Perfect Greek island. Whether you are a group of friends looking for a fun destination to party at clubs and beach bars or a couple looking for a romantic getaway destination - Mykonos really has it all.

Bars and nightclubs on the beach, excellent restaurants, luxury hotels and breath-taking beaches.

My advice is to schedule your vacation so that you'll do a day of partying followed by a day of relaxing. It can't get any better than that.

We were a group of 4 girls celebrating a bachelorette party. Four very different and special days spent in Mykonos and a lot of cocktails, a l-o-t. 

For more photos and bachelorette party inspiration: החגיגה-היוונית-שלי/

Where to stay?

Most of the guides and blogs will advise you to sleep in the city center (which is actually called Mykonos Chora), as close as possible to the crowded streets where everything happens in the city. I actually believe that this is a decision to take based on your priorities. If it is very important for you to be in the center of things, in the most touristy area of the island, walking distance to any club or party in the city - you should definitely book a hotel in the city center. In this case I recommend the Myconian K hotel.


On the other hand, if you need some quiet and relaxation - book a hotel room on a private beach and wake up every morning to the sound of waves. To reach the city center you'll have to take taxies or other transport. Take into account that you will need a budget for taxis to get around the island (in any case, transportation is a problematic issue, because besides the high cost, there are only 40 taxis throughout the island). Most hotels will have drivers and shuttles but I strongly recommend to check with the reception before booking.

We slept at Grace hotelThe hotel's shuttle was easy, the staff was amazing and the room was beautiful. 


What about the beaches?

Mykonos has so many different styles of beaches, that I feel like everyone can find the beach of their dreams in this island...
The bohemian beaches are the most beautiful beaches in Mykonos in my opinion, and there is a long list of them. at the top of that list you'll find the scorpions  beach. It has multiple beach areas including a restaurant, a sunset terrace, a live event space, an artist shop and lots more. Check out the website and you'll understand. 

On the other side of the island (from the city center) you will find the Spilia beautiful blue&white beach. The lunch at Spilia includes octopuses that just a minute ago were hanging on a rope before you.

Alemagou beach is relatively close to Spilia beach, the beach is quiet and peaceful and far from everything else. You'll feel like you have reached a piece of paradise. A cocktail in one hand and a good book in the other, you can spend the day and not even notice. The beach is in a small bay and the water are so clear it is amazing. The beach restaurant is simply wonderful, don't miss the tuna tartar, it was so good we ordered 3 of them.


Of course I can't end without mentioning the most famous beach in Mykonos - the Nammos beach. The beach area starts with a kind of an open mall - "Nammos village". A beautiful palm-lined avenue will lead you to the beach. The Nammos restaurant is excellent with endless sushi options on the menu.

Other beautiful beaches are the royal Principote beach and the SantAnna Beach and pool.

Walking around the alleys of the city center 

(Eating, Shopping, Taking photos and going out at night)

On less sunny days or just if your tired of the beach, go discover the city center. There's a lot to see when you're walking around the city itself, the alleys are filled with luxury shops and local art shops, the right place to find your straw bag and colorful sandals for summer. 

Most importantly is that the alleys are filled with lots of white walls as beautiful backgrounds for photos.

The small alleys are a perfect place to be photographed in the Greek atmosphere.

The restaurants on the island are very aware of the food allergies and most of them will have a menu marked for allergens, vegans and gluten-sensitive. I would like to recommend two restaurants / cafes:


Little Venice and the windmills

16 wind stations are scattered throughout the island and most of them are located on a hill next to the city center and port. The white windmills are not being used today but have been used to grind wheat for about 400 years beginning in the 16th century. Go see the five windmills overlooking Little Venice and the rest of the Greek island (according to Google Maps the location is named Windmills of Kato Mili, Mykonos, Greece).

Little Venice is an area filled with bars and restaurants, you can not miss this part of the city if you go out at night- the crowd will lead you there. It is worth visiting Little Venice at day light and see how the buildings are hanging just above the water.


Extra stuff

You can reserve a private yoga instructor for a lesson at sunset / sunrise on the beach, or book a cooking class with a local Greek chef.
You may consider renting a boat for the day and sailing around the small islands, diving and sunning on the boat.  |  TRAVEL BLOG

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