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Paris is divided into 20 quarters in a shape of a snail. In fact, the heart of Paris is at the center of the snail, as can be seen on the map - quarters 1-2-3-4, but each has its uniqueness and history.

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1-4th arrondissements

The main and most interesting part is called Le Marais. This is the ancient Jewish quarter and the quarter of the gay community and is the only area about the same as Sundays in Paris.

Interesting streets to roam?

Rue des Ecouffes

Rue des Francs Bourgeois

Rue des Rosiers

Rue Vieille du Temple - where you'll find the new Chanel store


Hungry after a long walk in the quarter?

Crêperie Suzette

Which is excellent: try the salty "Vouge" and the sweet with the chestnuts and creme fraiche is great!


An excellent American diner

Le petite marché 

a wonderful typical french restaurant (close to Place des voges) 


a very famous coffee shop that became an institution of Paris (try the amazing chocolate).

O'scià Pizzeria Napoletana

A great Italian restaurant in the 2nd quarter

What should you see in the quarter?

 The Picasso Museum 

 Place des Vosges 

A nice and beautiful square with a garden where Victor Hugo used to live. It was built by Henry IV between the years 1605-1612.


A bakery which is the best with the best macaron in the city, try the macaron caramel au beurre salé. 

Pompidou Center

A little further west you'll find this museum which is a museum with changing exhibits and a nice area with shops and restaurants. It's safer not to walk alone around there after dark - the closer you get to the area called Les Halles, the better you should be careful of pickpockets and drunks.

Lile saint Louis and The Church of Notre Dame

if you look at a map of Paris you'll see that the river creates a kind of island in the middle and there is located Notre Dame. In this island the city of Paris was born, on this little island and all around it were fields, farmers and peasants. I mean, it was the original Paris, only this island and no thing around it. You can walk around and it's very nice and beautiful. If you arrive in the area on Sunday you will also see stuntmen and shows on the bridge and maybe even a few singers. There's a crazy good ice-cream called Bertillon next to the bridge. You wont miss it, there is a long queue in front of it at all times.

Le Louvre

Of course it is worth entering the Louvre and visiting the exhibition of ancient Egypt or ancient Greece. If you wish you can go in and see the Mona Lisa but you should be warned - it is tiny and surrounded by a circle of tourists with cameras throughout the day. Did you know? You can walk the Louvre non-stop for the whole week and you will not see it all!

Hotel de ville

On Wednesdays and Saturdays there is a small market of fresh products and sometimes vintage items in front of the Hotel de Ville. I like to buy some fresh shrimps and bite them on the steps of the town hall. One plaza westward, still on Rivoli Street, there is ice skating in the winter. 

Look at the map and you will see that the main street parallel to the river is Rue de Rivoli. You can not miss it, it's a big long street. You will see all the familiar shops along the street and you will arrive within a 20-minute walk (without stops in the shops) to the Louvre and the Tivoli Gardens which is the gardens of the Louvre. Tourist warning - Do not eat inside the Louvre It's disgusting and it's a tourist trap. 

les bateaux mouches

If the weather is nice you can catch a boat on the river to see the sunset. It is worth buying tickets that do not include a dinner (that does not taste good). On these ships, it is really just for the fun of sailing on the Seine and seeing the sunset descend on the city.
Walk on the Seine banks in the early morning on sunny days and you'll see the familiar stalls filled with old books and posters. It's fun to walk around looking for great things hidden there.


Next to the 4th arrondissement is the 3rd arrondissement, which has a wonderful shop that is worth visiting .The store is on three levels and has everything you could imagine and every piece is unique. 

The 5th and 6th arrondissements

 The 6th arrondissement is the famous quarter called Saint Germain. You can walk around the wonderful streets of the Quarter, of which countless French songs have been written. You can walk as far as the fifth district, Saint Michelle. Saint Michelle is filled with small streets (but much better known for its lively nightlife). In the 6th arrondissement is also the location of the famous Orsay Museum.
The main boulevard in Saint Michel is called Boulevard Saint Michel and the same in Saint Germain.

Interesting streets to roam?

Rue de Rennes - Especially for shopping purposes

Rue du Faugbourg Saint Germain Jardin du Luxembourg- A beautiful huge public park in the middle of Paris

Hungry after a long walk in the quarter?


an excellent Italian restaurant, usually have to wait a bit in line. They do not have a website and there are several restaurants that go by this name in Paris, please note that you are in the right restaurant on 15 Rue des Canettes


Cafe de Flore /Les deux magots

Two mythological cafes in Paris that were in their glory days a meeting place of the economic and intellectual elite of Paris.

le relais de l'entrecote

Chez René, depuis 1957 

Le Germain

Le Pre 

Le moulin à vent

Typical French restaurant, 5th arrondissement

What else should you see in the quarter?

CATACOMBES- If you continue towards the 14th arrondissement, you can reach the entrance to the underground tunnels in Paris. The tunnels are open only a few kilometers for the public, but you can tour the tunnels that are full of skeletons and skulls and see the names of the streets you are under.

The 7th and 8th arrondissements

Continue on rue de rivoli and after you pass the Louvre to the Concorde and the Champs-Elysées from one side and the Eiffel Tower on the other.

What should you see in the quarter?

1. Champs-Elysées 

The Champs-Elysées has the best-known cafe in Paris with the second

best macaron - La Duree.

Another nice place to eat is at the Fouquets Hotel at 5 Av.

Walk along the most famous boulevard in Paris, there are nice shops ,

beautiful cars and the most famous brands in the world.

But pay attention to the pickpockets.

2. Arc de Triomphe

Walking on the Champs Elysées will lead you to the Arc de Triomphe -

you can climb the stairs inside the Arc de Triomphe and go up to the

observation point.


3. Eiffel Tower
Option A: Continue on Rivoli Street and you'll see the Eiffel Tower on

the horizon, follow if you want to get there.
A good typical French restaurant in
l'ami Jean - a typical French

Option B: If you get there from the hotel, get off at the metro station

Trocadéro You will reach a huge square overlooking the Eiffel Tower

and if you do not want to go up to the tower is nicer to see it from there.
Nice cafe for breakfast on the terrace or for dinner at night in front of the lighted Eiffel Tower at night -
Cafe de L'homme.
In the square there is another bakery of Carette so this is another chance to try these things if you have not tried them already in the fourth quarter.


 A beautiful, typical, Parisian hotel

The 9th arrondissement

 You take the Metro and get off at the Galerie la Fayette, which is the Haussman station. 

What should you see in the quarter?

Another department store but much more every day and sportive. Exhibits changing exhibitions.
Located behind the Galerie La Fayette on Rue Quincampoix. This is a large store with several floors, just cool stuff, some brands are familiar to us and some are not, you can ask to direct you Rue de Rennes -

Galerie La Fayette

You could walk around in the very big store, composed of a number of buildings, where each building and floor are designated for something specific (Shoes, Dresses, Bags..).

 You will be impressed by the world's most beautiful stores and do not forget to look up at the beautiful glass ceiling designed by Gustave Eiffel himself.


Another department store but much more every day and sportive. Sometimes you'll find a changing exhibition of some famous brands. Located behind the Galerie La Fayette on Rue Quincampoix. This is a large store with several floors, just cool stuff, some brands are familiar to us and some are not, you can ask for direction if you get lost.

A terrific view of Paris
Not many tourists will know about its existence - in another department store, near Galerie La Fayette, called Printemps. There on the 8th floor there is a 360-view over Paris, free of charge.

Opera Garnier

One metro stop away Is the famous Opera House of Paris. You can come in and be impressed by the beauty and size and the painted lines of Chagall (the famous painter). In the courtyard of the Opera there is another mythological Café of Paris - Cafe de la Paix.

Hungry after a long walk in the quarter?

L'Ecailler du Bistrot- Not far from 9th arrondissement you will find the 11th arrondissement with this crazy fish and seafood restaurant. Highly recommend !

The 18th arrondissements

If you are visiting Paris it would be a shame to miss the Montmartre - easy to get from almost anywhere in Paris through the metro. You have certainly heard of Montmartre - a small mountain with an artists' town, the area where all the artists used to live in the past (you will encounter many museums). In order to get there, take the cable car to get to the top of the mountain and get back down by walking the small streets. At the top of the mountain you will see the Basilica of the Sacré Cœur and a magnificent view of Paris. On sunny days you can see street artists and jugglers on the steps of the church.
Tourist warning - It is not worth sitting at the restaurants and cafes on the mountain. At most, sit down for a drink or take an ice cream on the way.
On the street below the mountain you will find the famous Moulin Rouge and a large avenue with lots of chain stores and designer shops.

Hungry after a long walk in the quarter?


 Not far from the 18th arrondissement, in the 19th arrondissement you will find the wonderful fish restaurant Marius. A classic French restaurant, a bit expensive


In the 20th arrondissement there is an excellent Italian restaurant

Outside Paris

Disney / Asterix Park

Check out the easiest way to reach public transportation, it's easy to reach the two parks through public transport and underground trains.

Château de Versailles 

Versailles gardens are the most beautiful gardens in the world, no doubt you will spend a few hours roaming the gardens and the palace itself.

and besides that...

- Restaurants are not open all day - and if it is open all day it is probably (not for sure) a tourist restaurant. Most French restaurants will be open from 12:00 to 16:00 and from 19:30 to 23:00.

- It is customary to leave a tip of one or two euros, regardless of the amount of the bill.

- You do not eat chocolate croissants in Paris! You are eating a pain au chocolat. You do not drink latte or macchiato in Paris! You drink a Cafe au Lait.

- it is certainly possible and customary to ask for a tap water in restaurants.

- There is no reason in the world to take a taxi in Paris. First of all there is the pleasure of walking on the street but beyond that, the Parisians invented the best public transport in the world, the buses and Metro will take you everywhere and the maps are clear and easy to understand. You can even buy valid tickets for both the metro and the bus. Remember to keep the card so you can get out of the metro.  |  TRAVEL BLOG

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